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Adventure Activities In Corbett Tiger Reserve

Corbett National Park is the perfect place for wildlife and nature holidays, view of Corbett is peerless which attracts many people. Visiting Corbett is an adventure activity in itself but apart from this lot of other activities are here which should be done by adventure lovers in Corbett, we operate all the adventurous activities in the Corbett area and some of them are described below.

Nature Walk :

As people can not take steps inside the jungle and a lot of guidelines are here so people enjoy nature walk near their hotels or resorts. On the road or near Kosi. It is not part of the jungle, instead, it is surrounded by forest and so while walking twitter of birds you will get a glance of wild animals as well near yourself. This walk will refresh your mind and body with the Jungle Trek in the morning and feel the captivating effect of raw Nature.

Cycling :

Having a cycle ride in the thick jungle and agricultural land has its own fun. This is a pretty famous adventure in Corbett which is done by youth and children. Spending time on Zick zack roads which are in hilly areas is really great fun and adventure.

Birding :

As Corbett is home to more than 595 species of birds so this is also an extra activity which is done by tourists who love to see the birds and many places are here which are especially known for birdwatching like Jhoola pool and Bairaj.

River Rafting :

River rafting in Koshi is only possible in Monsoon season when water gets over as compared to normal days, and in this time it gives an unique experience and makes this tour memorable for us.

Rope Slithering :

This is one of the most adventurous activities which is done on a Jhoola pool and in this activity the player has to jump from the bridge in the Koshi by slithering on the rope which is tied to the participant's body. This bridge is located near the Garjia Temple at the serene and peaceful location.

River Crossing :

The river crossing is one of the most adventurous activities which is organized in Koshi river in Dhikuli or in Teda village. In this we tied the rope on the bank of the river and players who love to do this cross the river with the help of that rope.

This is dangerous as well so you should do it under a guide.


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