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Bijrani Tourism Zone

Bijrani Tourism Zone And Jeep Safari Booking

When tourists listen they are going Bijrani to jeep safari so this is the moment which makes them eager to see Big Cat ( Royal Bengal Tiger). Bijrani Gate is only 1 km away from Ramnagar on Ranikhet road and the hare is called Aamdanda gate. Bijrani is second zone which has the highest number of Tigers and it gives direct competition to Dhikala, This zone is famous among tourists and people who want to have jeep safari in this zone for advance booking. Bijrani is full of Natural beauty and calm which tourists love about this zone, once those who visit this zone always remember this and it has seen many times people come again with family or friends to perceive its beauty.

Inn In Bijrani Zone

Bijrani has 2 inns which are under the forest department and to get room you have to go for advance booking. These lodges are Malani and Bijrani inns, for night stay you have to book in advance and booking you can get by giving your details on this mail. Bijrani inn has 6 rooms. Birani has a ton of chances to spot Royal Bengal Tiger, deer, sloth bear and elephants. One can make it a bird watching tour and can have many pictures if you love photography.

Tourists get entry in Bijrani zone from Aamdanda gate which is just 1.5 km from main Ramnagar city and it takes only 3-5 minutes. When you enter inside the gate there is a village called Aamdanda. This is a buffer area, after going 5 km you will enter the main Bijrani. Inside the Bijrani two forest rest houses are built in which tourists can stay at night ( booking must be done before 35 days).

1- Bijrani Forest Lodge.

2- Malani Forest lodge( in order to stay at night Jeep Safari is not allowed for day you will have to book a safari for the whole trip) Elephant safari can be don’t only in dhikala and Bijrani zones.

For visiting inside the Bijrani, you have to get permit for your jeep safari, which will be checked at the Amanda gate, jeep safari can be booked by the help of private tour operator or your can go on the official web of Corbett tiger reserve( 45 days prior booking). When you hire a tour organizer then you do not have to be worried about the jeep and guide all they arrange all the things( Guide, Jeep Safari) for you. On one Jeep safari 6 people are allowed and children who are below 12 they can be adjusted with them. 30 jeeps are allowed at one season inside the park so advance booking must be done.

Safari Booking In Bijrani

Bijrani remains closed for 4 months during monsoon season and opens on October 15 for tourists. To get a jeep safari in the Bijrani zone we have to book a permit in advance which needs to be done before 1 month. Visit to Bijrani is one of the best wildlife tours in India which makes you feel eager to perceive nature and see wildlife.

Fauna And Flora Of Bijrani

Like other zones of Corbett National park Bijrani is a rich zone of Corbett tiger reserve which has fauna and flora similar but the number of animals is little higher than any other zone which makes it more famous. If you visit the park, Sal, Sagon, Khair and sheesham are the plants which you will get in big amounts and Deer, Elephant, Tuskar, Tiger, wild boar and other animals you will get to see.

Night Stay In Bijrani

Bijrani zone has 2 inns which are run by government Malani is situated in the core area of Bijrani and approx 10-12 km from Bijrani, this was built up by British in 1930. From here tourist get amazing view of Corbett and can easily see bunch of deer which are having grass, Tuskar and leopard.

Stay Inside Jungle

In Order to stay and visit the corbett if you are visiting the Bijrani for day safari, you have to book a room outside the zone and you will get hotel and resorts in Ramnagar or Dhikuli ( only 7 km From Aamdanga you will get all type of resort and room here). If you have a permit for a night stay inside the zone, you have to book a jeep safari for a night stay who will be with you and have to carry all the edible things with you.

Zone remains Open for Safari - 15th October to 30th June

Number of Jeep Safari (in Each Shift) - 30 Jeeps

Forest Rest House - Bijrani and Mailani FRH

Safari Timing In Bijrani Tourism Zone

1. Winter

Morning - 07:00 am Exit- 10:00 am.

Evening -02:00 pm Exit- 05:30 pm.

2. Summer

Morning Safari Entry - 06:00 am Exit- 09:30 am.

Evening Safari Entry - 03:00 pm Exit- 06:30 pm.

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