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Canter Safari In Corbett(Dhikala Zone)

An adventure in itself to visit an open Canter on Corbett Tiger reserve area. Canter safari is the second way to explore the wildlife of Corbett national park. Canter safari is only allowed in the biggest zone of Corbett tiger reserve and this zone is Dhikala where Modi Ji Came on 14 Feb 2019 with Bear Grylls to take a shot of man vs wild and told many things about wildlife and his experience with jungles. As we know Dhikala tourism zone is the biggest zone of Corbett in which Jeep safaris are only allowed for night stay, so what about the tourists who can not afford night stay??? So Corbett administration conducts Canter safaris for those who do not get night stay or want to go for the day. In this order 4 Canters go in Dhikala 2 morning and 2 in the evening. On canter safari, 32 people can go in one season, and a total of 32 are allowed in one time. For booking, Canter safari call us or mail us and you will get complete detail about the canter safari in Corbett and its procedure, on the Kumaun Vikash Nigam, limited guest house canter stays and tourist has to catch canter from their which start at 6 in the morning and 12 in the afternoon. Canter safari offers you the longest safari of the Corbett and takes 6 hours in the jungle.
Canter safari is one of the adventures in Corbett when you go through the thick jungle and listen to the roar of the Royal Tiger, it gives you a different experience in the jungle, and helps you to explore the wildlife. Canter Safari is the best option for those who want to have a group tour in the jungle on a low budget because on one canter 16 people can visit and if you go for a jeep safari it will need you 3 jeep safari, so this is the best option. As people have to writhe to visit Corbett so if you want to visit Dhikala for day safari you should go for advance booking and it needs to be done in advance 30 days.


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