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Dhela Safari Zone And Booking

Dhela tourism zone is the second newest ecotourist zone of Corbett tiger After Garija Devi tourism zone. Dhela zone is spread over 1173 hectares, this became part of Corbett tiger reserve in 2014. Dhela is situated in the southern part of Ramnagar. This area used to be the buffer area but increment of tourism in Corbett made it a new core area of Corbett Tiger Reserve. Dhela is 14 km from main Ramnagar city and the entry gate of this zone is Dhela gate which is near Dhela village, before 2014 it was under CTR but not reserve area so big grassland and small rivers were there, Corbett Administration started plantation in this area and after 15 year when it became the thick area and animal like deer, Sambhar and Elephant started coming in the area for grazing CRT announced it a core area. Now this is mixed moist and plantation for many species of wildlife including the Elephant, Deer, Barking Deer, Sloth, Wild boar etc and these are the favorite for tigers so tigers can be seen chasing deers in the zone. There are watch towers in Dhela which help tourists to spot animals from far. Dhela has a 46 kms safari way which covers jungle and grassland, Sal is in big amount and in this area many chances come to spot majestic Tiger and other animals. Corbett Tiger Administration conducts jeep safari in Dhela in the morning and evening season and in each season 15 safari can get entry inside the jungle.

Tourists started in a huge amount in Corbett, the Corbett administration made a new zone and this was the 5th zone of corbett tigers reserve which was open on 1 of December 2014. Mr Saket Badola who was the Deputy Director of Corbett Tiger in 2014 allowed tourist activities in this zone from 1 january 2015. Dhikala is situated on the Jhirna side and the entry gate of Dhela is about 14 km away from Ramnagar this zone got its name of Dhela village, With covering an area of 1173 hectare with 47 km jungle path this makes the journey so beautiful. Jeep safari is allowed in the park and at one time 15 jeeps are allowed.

Attractions in Dhela

Jungle Safari-

As Dhela is one of the most visited zones of Corbett so prior booking needs to be done if you want to visit in this zone. Jeep safari makes it perfect, as it is an open jeep so you will get a guide and gunner on the jeep for safety, Jeep safari in Corbett National Park offers you real adventure. This zone has big grasslands and in which all the animals which love grass come to grassing, which creates chances to see the Tigers and Leopard.


Grassland which are known as Chaurs in native area, Laldhang is the most famous grassland of this zone, and in this zone you will get asian elephants, Nilgai and other animals with these animals. This zone is home of many birds which attract birdwatchers in the zone.

Flora and Fauna of Dhela

Like other zones of Corbett Tiger Reserve, Dhela has similar Wildlife and plants in Dhak, Sisoo, Sal and Sheem are famous. Apart from this you will get Pine, Chir and Gajar sort. If we talk about the animals which you will get easily there are Deer, barking deer, elephants, wild boar and Tigers which can be seen in the area.

Winter Season To Visit

Jeep Safari morning- 7:00 and exit at 10:00

Evening safari- 02:00- exit 10:00

Summer Safaris Timings

Morning Safari Entry- 06:00 am Exit- 09:30 am

Evening Safari Entry- 03:00 pm Exit- 06:30 pm


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