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Dhikala Safari Zone, Night Stay And Booking

Dhikala is the Soul of Corbett Tiger Reserve and highest in demand by tourists, and this is the biggest zone of corbett tiger reserve, Situated at Patlidun, which is the main Part of Corbett Tiger reserve and this is a core area which is open for ecotourism. This is the zone where Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a shoot with beer grils and this was watched by millions of people at its first show. This is the perfect example of untouched wildlife and mesmerizing beauty of Nature. Big Grassland, Ramganga river and dense Sal forest make it heaven, and resident of 27 species of reptiles, 590 species of Birds, 550 species of plants & shrubs and the majestic Royal Bengal tiger, Asiatic elephant, Panther, Leopard, Neel Gay, wild bore, deer and etc.
Dhangarhi is the entry gate for Dhikala zone which is the second farthest gate after Durga devi. This is 18 km away from Corbett City Ramnagar at the entry gate of Dhikala there is a Drain which be in its …… and there is a museum which is named Dhangarhi Museum in this you will come to see many tigers and leopard (man eater) which were killed by Jim Corbett. When tourists enter inside the gate it gives a different relaxation to them, there is a calmness, pure air and you feel nature closely. Main Dhikala is 20 km inside from the entry gate and this is the core area of Corbett which is known for its wildlife and biggest Chairs.
In order to explore wildlife of Dhikala Corbett Tiger Reserve administration conducts Jeep and Canter and Elephant safaris in the Dhikala, this is the only zone in which Canter sfaries are allowed (4 canter in a Day, 2 morning 6 o'clock and return at 12 and 2 at afternoon 12 o'clock which return at 6 o'clock in the evening in each canter 16 people can have sheet). Jeep safaris are only for night stay and booking needs to be done in advance 45 days.

Night Stay in Dhikala And It,s Booking

In Dikhhla 5 guest rest houses are there in which tourists stay at night, tourists who want to get night stay permission inside the Dhikala , India and SAARC tourists need to do booking advance 45 days and apart from these countries people have to do booking 90 days. The famous saying about Dhikala is “ If you didn’t Visit Dhikala, Your India Wildlife tour is incomplete”. Dhikala visit is a dream for every Wildlife lover and birdwatcher, so if you are too a wildlife lover and want to explore the Wildlife of Oldest National park of India than Join Corbett Tour Traveler at us you will get budget friendly and best trip planning for you which will make your dream come true.

Dhikala has 4 Forest rest houses and these are Dhikala Forest Rest House

Gairal Forest rest house

Sarapduli forest House

Sultan Forest rest House

Dhikala Forest Rest House

This forest house is situated at the bank of river Ramganga at Kanda Ridge, this is famous for its old architecture, this was built up by English grovt in 1890. This is the first Inn which was made inside the Dhikala.

1- Dhikala Forest rest House

Dhikala forest rest house has 6 wings

Hutment- Number of rooms 6( Double Bed)

Cabin number of rooms 3 ( Double Bed)

Old forest rest house numbers of rooms 5( Double Bed)

Annexi number of rooms 7 ( Double Bed)

New Forest House number of rooms 4( Double Bed)

Dhikala Dormitory number of rooms 12 ( Double Bed)

2-Gairal Forest Rest House

This forest rest house was built in 1903 and one more added in recent years, this is on the bank of river Ramganga, this is famous for cricidukw pool which is near Gairal. Restaurant service is available in this rest house.

Rooms - 4

Giral Dormitory

Number of Beds 8

3-Saroduli Forest Rest House

This is one of the most beautiful forest rest houses with the tin shade and only the ground floor is present in the rest house, Safapduli was built in 1908, this is in Elephant corridor so elephant move is common. This is an ideal place for them who like to see Mahseer and other lies of water.

No of rooms 2

Kitchen - yes

Sarapduli Dormitory

Number of beds 3

Kitchen - yes

4-Sultan Forest rest house

This is the first forest rest house which falls on the way, this is an ideal inn for a small group as 2 rooms are here, this forest rest house was built in 1903.

Numbers of Rooms 2

Season To Visit in Dhikala Tourism Zone

Winter October to February

Winter is the best season for visitors to visit, during the winter season animals come out of their salter to bathe in the sun at Grassland. In this time migratory birds can be seen in a big amount.


This season starts from March to June mid, in this time there is a rush of tourists especially when they come to spend their vacation. In this season animals can be seen at the bank of rivers to have water.


During mansion season it remains closed.

Main Attractions of Dhikala

Canter Safari

Canter safari is the best option for nature lover to want to explore Dhikala, Corbett Administration arranges 4 canter in a Day in which 2 go at 6 o'clock in the morning and return at 12 o'clock and 2 go at 12 o'clock and return at 6 o'clock in the evening. On one canter safari 16 people can visit.

Chaurs( Grassland)

Dhikala is named Dhikla after Dhikal Grass and Grassland are famous for spotting the wild animals like elephants, deer, bore and most of the time tiger chasing its pray.

atch Tower

Watch towers are famous for the mesmerizing view of Dhikala Grasslands, by watch tower one can see the animals which are coming on the Chairs for grazing, from the top of watch tower you can have the glance of the whole Ramganga. This watch tower is situated next to Dhikala forest rest house.

Crocodile Point

Crocodile point is located near Gairal forest rest house by this you can see the crocodile in Ramnagar river. This is on the shortcut of Garial to Dhikala forest rest house.

Sambar Trial

This is an ideal location for the wildlife lovers, this starts from the watchtower to Khinnanauli rest house. This has most of the chances to see the tigers because of the many animals that cross the river from here. In summer at the time of sunset it becomes the favorite place of elephants to come here for a bath.

Elephant ride


Before doing the booking make sure the age of all tourists are correct. In any case if age is incorrect it may be a penalty.

If rooms are not available, similar rooms you will get in hotels or resorts.

In case 3 tourists, 1 room so 1 extra matter will be there.

If there is any change in govt rules, hotel chate, safari, we will inform you by phone or mail.

Company will not be responsible for any loss, damage of luggage or Accident.


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