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Girija Devi Temple

Girija Devi Temple

One of the famous temples of Mata shakti Girija Devi temple is prominent and is situated at Gijiya temple near Ramnagar. This is on the edge of Corbett National Park, the temple is on the big rock which is surrounded by the Koshi River. It is famous that tourists who come to Corbett to visit must go to this temple to have a look at Ma Shakti. Especially on the Kartik Poornima, a fair takes place in this place so this is visited by more than 100000 people on that special day. Girija Devi Mandir is a celebrated sanctuary in Uttarakhand. This is a sacred spot, a sanctuary called the nearby language in Garjia Mandir. Girija Devi Temple has arranged in Garjiya a ways off of 14 KM from Ramnagar and Ranikhet road. It is a holy Shakti place of worship where Garjiya Devi is the managing god. Devi Girija is handily satisfied with the genuine dedication of Her fans. While asking, the fans offer the Devi coconut, red garments, kumkum, and so forth, priests of this temple are from the local village Girija.

There is a 4.5 feet high symbol of Girija Devi alongside the icons of Devi Saraswati, Lord Ganesha, and Batuk Bhairava and most of this temple are from Betalghat from the Joshi family.

There is additionally a sanctuary of Laxmi-Narayan in similar sanctuary premises. The icons of this sanctuary were found during exhuming here. It is accepted that the petitions here are not finished until the lover loves Bhairava subsequent to adoring Girija Devi. Ramnagar is very much associated with train and transport administrations. One can take a taxi from Ramnagar to reach here.

Area: Ramnagar

Closest Railway Station: Ramnagar Railway Station is a good way off of about 16.5 kilometers from Girija Devi temple.

Nearest Airport: Pantnagar Airport is a good way off of almost 92.3 kilometers from Girija Devi Temple.

The closest slope station in Nainital - 65 km.


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