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Jhirna Safari Zone And Jeep Safari Booking

Jhirna is one of the famous Tourism zones of Corbett tiger reserve, which remains open throughout the year for tourists. As Corbett Has 7 wings Jhirna is one of them and it became part of Corbett in 1994. Jhirna used to be a village but it is near a jungle so there used to be conflict between humans and wildlife and due to this many people lost their lives. The Corbett administration and Uttarakhand forest department decided to make it part of Corbett and Jhirna and two other villages were shifted from here. Jhirna and Dhela are two zones which are open around the year.
Jhirna is situated at the south side of the Corbett Park, It is near Dhela so spotting tiger and other wild animals chances are the same, Jhirna has beautiful grassland with rich wildlife. Jhirna has big grassland which is the best place for animals who come here for grazing like Deer, sloth, barking deer, wild boar elephants, etc. Many water lines are in the zone which makes it different from other tourism zones in Corbett tiger reserve.

One of the famous zones of Corbett Tiger Reserve Jhirna has its own value among tourists. The entry gate of Jhirna is located at Dhela village which is approx 14 km away from Ramnagar, this is one of the four zones which remains open around the year and tourists can visit this in any season in monsoon as well. Jhirna Zone was established in 1994-95 by Corbett administration, this is located on the south side of Corbett reserve. As it as one of the most visited zone of this reserve area so booking should be done in advance approx 10 days, if you apply at the time you will not get a permit.

As like other zones on one safari only 6 people can go, this is full of natural beauty and wild animals are here in a big amount, it used to be hassled by wild animals so tiger reserve migrated people from this area to near Kashipur, at that time 3 villages were shifted and these that were Jhirna, Dhara and Kothirau. Jhirna was the bigger one so it was named that village. Dhara and Kothirau transformed into densely forested and grassland habitat which is excellent for bird viewing.

Fauna And Flora Of Jhirna

Jhirna is one of the richest zones of Corbett Tiger reserve and when you come to visit in this area you can easily see nilgai, cheetal, sambhar and the wild boar by the big cats, which makes this place much more appropriate for exploring tigers. Plants in Jhirna are like in Other areas of Corbett National Park because most of the area are connected with each other so thick forest is here which includes Sal, Sheesham ,khair and shrubs like ber and other.

Jeep Safari In Jhirna

Jeep safari is the one way to explore wildlife of Jhirna zone. Jeep safari is conducted by Corbett Tiger Reserve administration so prior booking needs to be done because of the rush and high demand of Jhina zone. In order to stay at night Jeep safari will be there with you.

Jhirna Zone – Winter Safari Timings

Morning Safari – 07:00 am Morning Safari – 10:00 am

Evening Safari – 02:00 pm Evening Safari – 05:30 pm

Jhirna Zone – Summer Safari Timings

Morning Safari – 06:00 am Morning Safari – 09:30 am

Evening Safari – 03:00 pm Evening Safari – 06:30 pm


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